A Residential Construction project (both interior and exterior) is a very important step to those who enjoy their present home, location and local surroundings. Choosing not to move in search of that perfect home when you’re already living in it but feel the need to enhance and upgrade your current conditions is now the right time to build that addition or to remodel and renovate your existing conditions enabling you to have and enjoy the home of your dreams.

Focused exclusively on every aspect of residential construction, Anthony DiTullio can be that Specialty Contractor to help you build, renovate or restore that home of your dreams. From the very start of the design phase to the very completion of every detail of the build Anthony DiTullio is there, working through every phase of your project.

Having a contractor that understands and is involved with the “Design and Build” process from beginning to end is key. The combination not only makes for a successful construction project but as equally important the dual involvement allows for an owner/builder relationship to form, enhancing the entire construction process.

“Educating my clients so they fully understand their options enables them to make the best decisions for their project”. A philosophy Anthony DiTullio consistently adheres to whether discussing design elements to a project or the materials being used for a specific application, clarity is key especially when a homeowner isn’t always aware of their options when it comes to building materials, which ones to use, which ones to stay away from and where to use them. Most building products have their places and specific needs. While some are used where they shouldn’t be, (I see this all the time when involved with a remodel) Anthony DiTullio is always clear and specific about materials in regards to these matters and placement.

A contractor is only as good as the team he brings to the table. All sub contractors employed by Anthony DiTullio are well respected in their professional fields, licensed and insured. Their work is always professional and meticulous. Some have been working for AD for over 15 years. AD believes their communication and input with the homeowner should there be any question is equally important while the work is being done. Too often Contractors do not allow their subs to communicate.