Mahogany Door


If you’ve ever owned a “Historical House” you know the rules when it comes to the exterior and how difficult it can be to make the most minor changes. Without weather stripping, countless coats of paint and split panels never allowing the existing door to close properly, I was commissioned to reproduce the door with out any changes in regards to size, thickness, moulding profiles, etc. With the new door handcrafted from solid African mahogany, the moudings and raised panels were replicated to the exact specification and profiles of the old door, which was possible with our custom knives. Each raised panel is a separate and individual one front to back for two reasons, it allows a for a piece of rigid foam between them for added insulation and by not making one solid thick panel I have eliminated any future problems of checking (cracking). The final touches included a brass interlocking weather strip. You can also view the exploded view of this door prior to assembly on the “Millwork” page