Fine Furniture


Custom furniture is the perfect accent piece for any and all rooms. I have designed and built many pieces of furniture, some which stood as objects of art to others, being everyday functioning pieces.

Furniture can come in many forms depending on the room in which a piece is designed and crafted for. These days we even refer to custom cabinetry as furniture as long as an artisan has handcrafted it. These various types of cabinetry in their own form and style can range from your kitchen to the vanities in the bathroom.

My favorite era of furniture whether my design or a client would have to be modern. Simple and minimal in its design and appearance does not always equate to the ease of the build. But if appearances and perceptions view it as such then I know I’ve done my job.

The same quality and care that goes into every individual piece of furniture by Anthony DiTullio goes into all our cabinetry as well. I consider all my pieces furniture and hold the highest standards when crafting them all

Distinguishing materials play a very important roll when designing custom furniture. Certain woods species such as mahogany, walnut and cherry can correlate with certain periods of times. While others exotic species with their unique grain patterns have the ability to make pieces timeless on their own.

My two most recent commissions have come in the form of large dining tables. While both pieces crafted from oak they couldn’t be any more different from one another. The large round table with round base seen above in a black distressed finish was crafted from plain slice red oak for its hard, deep grain and texture being visible through the finish. The "Surfboard" table seen above was crafted using rift-sawn white oak with its two walnut stringers stretching down the center with a natural finish.